Mini Book Review- Aliens: Earth Hive

A fascinating and well written piece that slots in nicely after Aliens and is the only book I have ever read which has made me physically cringe in satisfying disgust due to such a vivid description of gore, and that was not even due to the Aliens! Having been written shortly after the movie was released, this book lacks the insight into the Xenomorph’s exsistance which the later Alien/AVP/Prometheus movies have since provided. However, it takes the species in a whole new direction, a more pure one, true to the Aliens before the movies became farcical. It visits their “home” planet while also introducing new variants of the creatures and even providing a tasty Easter egg involving the “Engineers” from Prometheus. Finally, It addresses the long asked question of what would happen if the Aliens broke loose on earth, and the result is immensely more satisfying than the attempt made by AVP: Requiem. The characters are likeable and interesting though one particular sex scene seemed quite unneeded, but does help somewhat with character development. It was clear that Perry was more adept at describing unparalleled gore than the pleasures of the human body.
 A must read for any fan of the original Alien movies.